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Do Something Really Smart!

Find the perfect home BEFORE you leave the comfort of your home!
 Don't make expensive and time consuming improvements/repairs!

No agent commissions (6% @ $169,900 = $10,000+ Savings)! 

By selling your home to us now, you avoid agent commissions (easily $5000 to $10,000).  You save the cost and trouble of remodeling or updating your home.  You can live in your home while finding the right new home.  Most importantly, you avoid
the trauma and uncertainty of putting your home on the market!

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Leslie Riddle

Value Real Estate

Sounds Smart... 
Doesnt It? 

It’s not too good to be true!  Its smart!  And here’s why.

 We are the American Dream Team.  Our small team of professionals includes an experienced real estate agent and mortgage specialist
(as well as:  tradesmen, attorneys, title agents and ‘go to guys’). 


We understand the steps needed to safely and legally sell your property.  We know how to avoid pitfalls and problems that prevent the sale from closing.   This isn’t something we do once every four to seven years (as homeowners do).  We buy multiple homes each month, so we understand what it takes to get the job done right.  And, we understand how to get the equity cash into your hands quickly and efficiently.  If you want, we can even help you find your new home (we don’t charge you a commission).


Remember, we do NOT want to list your home for sell, (like some real estate agents do and hope someone, perhaps months down the road, will buy it)!

Ready to Do Something Smart? 
It’s easy!
Start with the simple checklist
Do any of these apply to you?


q   Selling your home now while values are high makes  good sense, but you don’t want the pressure of having to move before you’ve purchased a new home! 

q   Spending $10,000 - $40,000 to upgrade or update your home to try to get top market price may be smart, but unless someone gives you the money, it’s not possible.


q   Getting stuck paying for two mortgages at once seems anything BUT smart!


q   You know paying off high interest rate balances (credit cards) is smart, but spending thousands of dollars to refinance the mortgage or take out an equity loan isn’t smart.
q   Going through the trauma of strangers in your home, critiquing your decorating and housekeeping abilities would be miserable (I don’t care how smart it is!).
q   You know that when interest rates go up (seems like a sure bet), home prices typically go down, so selling now makes good sense if you can wait for the right time to buy you new home.

q   Going through the trouble of marketing your home for months only to have the sale fail at the last minute sound would be frustrating, expensive and not smart.
q   Compromising your family’s safety by letting strangers into your home doesn’t sound smart or responsible.

q   Spending all your free time (not to mention the cost) improving your home’s appearance so it is ready to sell just doesn’t sound smart or fun.

q   Keeping your home in ‘show’ condition for months while waiting for a buyer sounds stressful, not smart.

q   Spending $5000 to $10,000 to pay an agent to guide you through the complicated sales process may be smart, but you sure can think of other ways to spend $10,0000!

If you check off more than 3 items, 
Call 554-1404 NOW!

We want to BUY your home!

It’s easy and here’s how:

1)  Your home receives a Free, No Obligation evaluation

2)  Based on the evaluation, and your needs, a price is set.

3)  The sale is professionally and legally transacted, then recorded.

4)  You get your equity (profits) cash!!!!

5)  You take your own sweet time finding the right new home without moving.

6)  You give notice as to your move out date.

7)  You move—without stress, no double mortgages—into the perfect home!


This is a limited opportunity!


So, forget the other New Year’s resolutions! 

Do something smart—NOW!

Call Leslie @ 554-1404 for your Free, No Obligation Evaluation!!

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